Our Place Sustainable Developments
Our Place's mission is to build beautiful and sustainable communities across the UK, creating an inspiring legacy of new places. We respect tradition and embrace the future. We created Our Place to be the leading next generation placemaker, with a mission to address the full scope of human aspiration. We respect local character, leaving a legacy to be proud of.


Beautiful, Mixed-use Places

Our Place’s sustainable placemaking approach creates new places, but places that feel like they belong, and which offer a sustainable and integrated walkable mix of living, working, leisure and education.

Local Identity

Our Place communities respect tradition and embrace the future. Our popular approach uses the time honoured principles of placemaking to lift the spirits of those who live and work there. The look and feel of our new settlements is informed by and enhances local identity.

Human Scale

Our Place creates walkable neighbourhoods where people aspire to live, work and thrive at a scale that values the human and champions the pedestrian.